Hysterical fashion faux pas

I’ve just arrived home from a lovely day out to discover 17 photos in The Telegraph showing some of the hideous fashion dos and don’ts at Ladies’ Day at Aintree today.

If you start at photo # 1, they get funnier and funnier but this last one made me shriek aloud with laughter; in fact, I nearly wet myself and I seriously need an extra large gin and tonic right now.

I love the Telegraph’s notes with this:

  • Do: pack some emergency rain gear – you are in England after all.
  • Don’t: wear your fascinator on top of said rain gear.

As a potential image client, I think she’s a total lost cause.

What do you think?

PS. It’s the Grand National tomorrow and I shall be rooted to the TV as usual. I know absolutely nothing about horse racing but, just like the Boat Race last weekend, I never miss any of our national events.  English to the core!