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A Colour-ful & Style-ish Christmas!

Tuesday, December 9th, 2014 by Kim Bolsover

There are just 17 days to Christmas Day (don’t panic) and I’ve come up with some great festive specials to thank you for being such a wonderful reader this year, including:

  • Half-price
  • Buy-one, get-one-free
  • Better-than-half-price

For instance…

  • How would you like my Colour Analysis course with Ladies Style training at no cost to you?
  • Perhaps you’d prefer Ladies’ Style with a complimentary copy of my Wardrobe and Shopping course?
  • And I’m offering my very best program, and my personal favourite too, 3 Steps to Success, for better than half price

There are plenty of other great savings so check them all out on the Christmas offers page

So much to choose from, so little time…

Note: The Christmas specials are strictly limited, on a first-come first-served basis, once they’re gone they’re gone. So if you try to purchase and an ‘out of stock’ message is displayed then I’m afraid the stock has already been snapped up.



When you start to wobble yourself!

Monday, May 12th, 2014 by Kim Bolsover

It might be worth reading ‘Style Tips for Wobbles‘ before you start reading this article!

Every image consultant has one ‘type’ or area where they wonder and ponder and question and think they’re getting it wrong.

So I suggest you:

  • start collecting photos of celebrity examples of this ‘type’ and stick them together in a look-book
  • pore over what they wear and work out what works and what doesn’t
  • use this as a reference point when you start to wobble and remind yourself of what you DO know
  • AND share the photos to discuss with your client

How to stop those wobbles

The only route to confidence is to practise, practise, and practise some more. And if you start to wobble, then check it out with me!

I’m here to help.

My personal support is included as standard when you train with me.

If you would like to earn a part-time or full-time income as a stylist or image consultant, and get my personal back-up and support while you’re learning, then take a look at my Ladies’ Style Training program.