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Do you really need special drapes for your male clients?

Wednesday, May 13th, 2015 by Kim Bolsover

I think so.

Read on to find out why and for some great ideas of how to make the most of the Men’s Drape Set in your business – even if you don’t cater for male clients!

mens starter drapes setMen’s drape set contains:

  • 20+ standard drapes (suit, shirt and tie fabrics)
    please check the website for the actual number of drapes currently available

    Each drape is labelled with both Tonal and Seasonal directions.
    Men’s drapes are only available in the standard size – 28 x 48cm (11 x 19 ins).
    You can print out a list of the contents of the drapes in this set in the wholesale catalogue.

Tips and advice

The men’s drape set is intended as an additional tool for colour and image work with your male clients. In my opinion, you also need one of our other drape sets for comparison purposes to help you select the correct colour direction (either seasonal or tonal) first for your client.

This men’s drape set contains suit, shirt and tie fabrics, specifically for demonstrating different textures, patterns, prints and, most importantly, how to put combinations together for shirt, suit and tie.

I work out which season or tonal direction they are first by using my ‘normal’ drapes but when it comes to showing them how to put together a whole outfit properly, I need to include suit textures, shirt fabrics, and tie patterns – don’t you?

Keep adding new drapes to your collection

The men’s drapes are not dyed by us and we use off-the-shelf fabrics, which means we have no control over consistent supplies. Please check the wholesale catalogue list of men’s drapes to see which ones are currently available.

However, I see this as a great benefit to my business; we usually manage to replace drapes those that are being phased out with something similar or more up to date and so, over the years, I have just added all the new ones to my collection, which now caters for virtually all situations. I would encourage you to do the same, and collect any men’s suit, shirt and tie fabrics that you can.

Business Tip

Use the men’s drapes with your female clients

I use the suit fabrics in particular with my female style and image clients who need advice on formal clothes for, say, a return to work, promotion, or change of job, plus any other event that requires more formal dress like weddings, christenings and funerals.

I’ve found many of the patterns and textures from the men’s drape set really useful when trying to explain scale and proportion to my female clients too.

They just love the fact that we have some real fabrics to touch and try alongside some of their best colours from their previous colour analysis. It just ties everything together and makes the whole session more fun too.


Which one first? Colour or style?

Sunday, April 5th, 2015 by Kim Bolsover

“Dear Kim, I’ve spent ages looking at your website – probably about two years! I have always wanted to work with colour and style and fashion and I’ve looked at every course available. If I was in the UK, I would ask for a one-to-one with you because I will have lots of questions and I want you to answer them for me.

Should I do your Ladies Style course first? I’m sure I read somewhere where you said to start with colour but I don’t remember why.

Can you outline what help I will get from you. I want to know everything you know! How long will that take (ha, ha!)” Griselda

Dear Griselda,

If you have always wanted to work with colour & style then what on earth is stopping you?

This so relates to my own epiphany that I’m in the middle of (it’s ongoing, so it’s taking some keeping up with right now).

I realised that I have been living my life and running my business to suit what I thought others wanted. What a load of baloney that has proved to be! One of my mastermind colleagues kept telling me,

“You’re lying to yourself, Kim. That’s not what you should be doing. Do it for yourself.”

So, whose life are you living?

Your own?

Or are you ‘doing a daft Kim’? and trying to be who you think others want you to be?

It’s all a myth, you know.

2015 is a time for new beginnings for all of us.

So start doing what you want.

You say you’ve always wanted to work with colour & style and then asking me which course to start with. So it’s clear that you are not living your dream or your perfect lifestyle right now.

And that is a tumultuous tragedy.

My advice is,

“Just do it!”

Look at all the courses available and follow your gut instinct.

You know that with me you will get my personal support

With every training course I offer 6 months’ personal email support but the only reason I wouldn’t answer an email after that is when I’m six feet under!

Plus you get 24/7 access to our FaceBook group which is exclusively for consultants who have trained with me. There’s some fabulous conversations going on in there right now and I dip in and out on a regular basis.

So you will alway have my help – unless FaceBook goes out of business, of course, and we have our online forum as a back-up anyway!

Where to start?

Always, always start with colour.

You can design an outfit for your client down to the tiniest detail:

  • The jacket collar must be 3.459875 millimetres below your left ear
  • The belt must be worn 16.23 millimetres below your right bosom
  • The skirt must have the zip 17.8987686 millimetres to the right of your spinal column
  • and all the other detailed rubbish that some consultants churn out…

Yet still the first thing your client will ask you is “Yes, but what colour do I buy?”

Colour is the first thing we see, especially when shopping for clothes. So you will be giving your clients major valuable information about how to look fabulous for ever and a day.

Everyone wants to know their colours!

But not everyone wants the style stuff.

Probably because they are expecting to have to strip off and all that garbage – not with my training, I can assure you!

But the main reason is that colour is fun.

You can get to know a lot more about your client when you and she are having fun together.

It can be very uncomfortable for a client who has never met you before to have to start talking about their body shape, weight, and all the wobbly bits they don’t like. Leave that until you both know each other better; until she trusts you!

And when you start with colour, you might discover that you want to stick with just colour and never move on to styling.

I made a fabulous living for 17 years offering just colour services alone.

I designed all my courses to be modular

You just pick the one you want and then try any of the others when you’re good and ready.

This makes it more affordable too.

By the time you’ve had a few paying colour clients, you’ll then be able to invest in Advanced Colour or Ladies Style or Wardrobe & Shopping or whatever else takes your fancy.

But for goodness sakes, Griselda, just get on with it!

There are people out there waiting for you to take the next step. Don’t you dare disappoint them – or yourself!

And remember,

I’m here to help you every step of the way.

Can’t wait!