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Ultimate Training Program with 1-to-1 Coaching

Friday, March 14th, 2014 by Kim Bolsover

From beginner to confident image consultant and profitable personal image business owner

All 8 of my DVD training programs in colour, style, wardrobe, PLUS personal 1-1 coaching with me – at no cost to you

Ultimate Training Program

The program includes:

  • Most importantly – 1-1 coaching and support sessions with Kim in person via phone or Skype
  • Unlimited, ongoing personal email support
  • 8 training programs on DVD with free shipping – 10 days’ comprehensive colour, style and image training
  • literally hundreds of downloadable resources including course manuals and done-for-you client handouts
  • internationally-recognised accreditation with our Improvability diplomas

So if you’ve been thinking about starting or developing your own independent franchise-free colour, style, image business AND you want my personal 1- 1 coaching help too, then go for it!


What to wear to a special event Part 4

Thursday, December 19th, 2013 by Kim Bolsover

A Wardrobe that Works for Every Occasion

What to Wear to a Special Event – Part 4

In Part 1 we asked, “What sort of special event is it?” and if you’d been give a ‘proper invitation’ then we’ve already discussed exactly what to wear. In Part 2 we looked at what to wear when you haven’t been given even the slightest clue by the hosts. In Part 3 we started to weed out your own wardrobe and Step 1 was all about how your current wardrobe could potentially yield hidden treasure.

Let’s finish the entire process with Step 2 – what to do with the pile for removal, how to decide what to finally keep and how to make the most of what’s left. Let’s start with…

a. Items for repair/cleaning

Get these items cleaned and/or repaired before you begin mixing and matching or you’ll only have to repeat some of the process below when they are.

b. Try everything on

Start with your favourite blouse, top or jumper.

Look at yourself in the mirror and decide why it is your favourite. Does it make you look wonderful? If so, then more than likely it will be in the correct colour palette for your skin tone.

  • So, you are now looking for trousers, skirts, jackets, etc. that tone with or complement this blouse.
  • Try on every skirt you have with this blouse. And while you’re there, try on all your jackets and cardigans with this skirt and blouse.
  • If you have trousers in your wardrobe, try every pair of trousers on with the same blouse.
  • And don’t forget to try all the jackets, too, with this same blouse and trousers combination.

Then move on to your next most favourite blouse or jumper

  • Try on every skirt you have with this top and then try on all your jackets with this combination…
  • repeat with every blouse or top

Soon, you should be able to see how useful your existing wardrobe really is. You will have a number of outfits in your wardrobe, not just a number of clothes.

c. Some things just don’t work?

On this second pass through your wardrobe, you may discover one or two items that really don’t go with anything else anymore.

  • Maybe the colour just isn’t right for you?
  • Perhaps the style doesn’t lend itself to other items you really feel comfortable in?
  • You might have already discovered so many more outfits that work really well, that you just don’t need this item anymore?

Whatever the reason, just add these to the removal pile.

d. Time for a treat

You can probably see now why I recommended a short break between parts 1 and 2. This is tough work and I expect you’re pretty shattered by now. This is the time to indulge and treat yourself – you deserve it.

e. Items for removal

Now, you can turn your attention to the items that you originally put away for removal

  • If you really have the energy and want to see if there is anything that could still be salvaged, this is your last chance to go through them
  • If not, it is worth sorting them into anything that could be useful to your local charity shop or a friend or relation. Please make sure these things are clean before you pass them on
  • All the rest should just be binned; most towns have clothes recycling bins and many charity shops can now earn money from your bag of rags – make sure you mark these clearly to keep them separate from those that can be sold to the public

f. A wardrobe that works

You now have a wardrobe containing clothes that you know you are going to wear

  • You know what looks good with what
  • You’ve learnt to mix and match what you already have
  • You will make so much more use out of the items you have

g. Treat yourself – again!

Just the mere thought of all this work exhausts me so if you’ve actually carried out all the physical work required to sort out your wardrobe, then award yourself a gold star and treat yourself to a box of big fat chocolates (or whatever makes YOU happy). Well done!