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A promise to keep you focused

Saturday, March 14th, 2015 by Kim Bolsover

Once upon a time, hundreds of years ago, I was invited to the inaugural meeting

of the UK Northern Group of what was then The Federation of Image Consultants (TFIC).

I remember grumbling to myself as I drove up the motorway to Leeds that morning in 1985, wondering why on earth I had given up half of my weekend to ‘learn more about’ something I hadn’t the remotest interest in joining.

But that day I was also introduced to a revolutionary concept of colour-coded products that totally changed my future as a business owner.

But this story isn’t about me.

This is about Petunia, the image consultant who had telephoned to invite me to this event.

Petunia and I had never met before that day. For a couple of years, she had been buying my pre-printed colour and style workbooks for her own image clients. She told me this story much later.

Back home that same day, Petunia tried to fathom out a way to find the money to invest in a starter pack of the colour-coded products.

It was years later that I discovered that Petunia didn’t have a bean as she’d just got divorced and had enough on her plate trying to keep a roof over her head!

She’d had to borrow the petrol money to drive to Leeds and, having never worked during her 20+ years of marriage, had no idea how she would survive the next week, never mind find the money to invest in a business opportunity!

Most people would have just given up and gone home.

But not Petunia.

She had made up her mind that this was what she really, truly wanted to do.

So she ruddy well made it happen!

She borrowed a wonderful friend’s credit card to buy the starter kit and promised to pay her back within the month.

Even before the kit had left the warehouse, Petunia had already set up 6 appointments to present these colour-coded products to friends and family.

The kit arrived, Petunia pored over the contents, learned all the training materials off by heart, practised madly and, quaking in her boots, packed everything in her car on six separate occasions over the next 4 weeks and earned enough commission to pay back every single penny that she’d borrowed from her friend.

Exactly as she had promised.

There’s nothing like making a promise like that to keep you focused

So when I hear people tell me, “I really don’t have the money for a training course right now” then I know their need or desire to become an image consultant just can’t be strong enough.

Because if it was, then they would absolutely find a way.

Petunia didn’t get any company training until after she’d completed her first 6 appointments. There wasn’t time.

She needed to put bread on the table right there and then. So she got busy, hustling for business, learning what she could about the products by herself and on the phone, sharing her dreams and aspirations with anyone who would listen, and offering a fun experience and a fabulous service to her clients.

At each of those first 6 appointments, she booked a at least 2 more. From the next 12, she booked a load more, and lots of her clients then wanted her colour and style services too.

Within a matter of weeks, Petunia was earning all the money she needed to pay the bills and could now pick and choose when she worked and how far from home she would be prepared to travel in the future.

How did she do it?

  1. Petunia made one big decision with a huge goal attached to it – to get that starter kit and sell enough products to pay her friend back within one month
  2. Petunia then took well-thought-out action – she booked her first 6 appointments before she had even received her starter kit

That meant she absolutely had to deliver on two fronts

  1. she could not possibly let her clients down so she had to fulfill the appointments she’d already made, and
  2. she had to make enough sales to repay the loan

When you set goals for yourself like this, and you take the action needed to achieve those goals, you just cannot fail

So how much do you really want to become an image consultant or stylist?

What are you actually prepared to do to make it happen?

And if you don’t do what it takes right now, how much longer are you going to wait?

Just think how quickly you could recoup your investment.

  • Sharon from the UK did my Colour Analysis training in a in a Box program a few years ago and had her first full-paying client three weeks later
  • Liz from Australia borrowed the money from a family member and was able to pay back the lot within 10 weeks
  • Just 6 clients could do this for you
  • You may prefer to double that to start with, so that you can build your confidence, but even if you could only handle one client a week, you could still be in profit within 3 months

Is it time for you to make a big decision?

If it is, are you prepared to back it up with a massive amount of well-planned action too?

If you know deep down that it’s time to stop faffing around playing small and to fulfil your potential in the world of image on planet Earth, then take a good long look at my brand-new Ultimate Business Training Program 2015





What exactly are you afraid of?

Friday, March 13th, 2015 by Kim Bolsover

A big thank you to all you lovely adorables around the world who took the time to email their condolences and best wishes after my last newsletter.

I am such a lucky so’n’so to have so many kind and thoughtful newsletter readers and friends. Thank you.

It seems that Momma’s life has inspired not only me, but quite a few of you too.

But when you decide to ‘play large‘ the first thing that seems to rear its ugly head is big, bad, horrible Fear.

I’ve had a number of conversations this week with people who truly, madly, deeply want to be a successful image consultant or stylist but they’re afraid.

I asked them, “What exactly are you afraid of?

  • “I don’t know what to do next. I don’t know whether to take your training, buy some drapes, or give up on my dream of becoming an image consultant… and basically I’m afraid I’ll make the wrong decision.”
  • “I don’t know how to use my drapes. I don’t know which ones to use and I’m so worried, frightened is the truth, that I won’t be able to work out which season my client is.”
  • “I took a look at your offerings and I’m ready to click on one of them. The one for style will give me peace of mind. However, I do want to learn about color too and have you hold my hand along the way. The Ultimate Package is what I desire… But I’m afraid.

I usually quote the redoubtable Eleanor Roosevelt, but her husband, Franklin D. often had some great stuff to say too and I totally agree with this one: “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”

The only thing between you and your own success is you and your fears

We all do this so don’t beat yourself up that you’re the only one feeling fearful.

You’ve already taken a huge leap of faith by asking for help.

“To fight fear, act. To increase fear, wait, put off, postpone.”
David Joseph Schwartz


Click here for How to Deal with Your Fears