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When you start to wobble yourself!

Monday, May 12th, 2014 by Kim Bolsover

It might be worth reading ‘Style Tips for Wobbles‘ before you start reading this article!

Every image consultant has one ‘type’ or area where they wonder and ponder and question and think they’re getting it wrong.

So I suggest you:

  • start collecting photos of celebrity examples of this ‘type’ and stick them together in a look-book
  • pore over what they wear and work out what works and what doesn’t
  • use this as a reference point when you start to wobble and remind yourself of what you DO know
  • AND share the photos to discuss with your client

How to stop those wobbles

The only route to confidence is to practise, practise, and practise some more. And if you start to wobble, then check it out with me!

I’m here to help.

My personal support is included as standard when you train with me.

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Style Tips for Wobbles

Sunday, May 11th, 2014 by Kim Bolsover

“Kim, I had a client yesterday for a style consultation and I will be following up with notes… However she was a tricky shape and I am struggling to pull it all together to send to her.

Her shoulders were broader than her hips, she had 40A boobs (she told me, I didn’t measure her!), her waist wasn’t defined and she carried all of her weight around her tummy. She hardly had a bottom, her hips were straight and her legs were fab! (not long but they looked toned).

I would definitely say she was straight on the bottom half but I am really not sure about her top half. Also what would you suggest were the best tops/dresses for such a shape – it is almost like she is a combination of an inverted triangle and an apple?!

As always, your wise words and advice are greatly appreciated! I swear it doesn’t get easier as each client is so different which is good as it’s not boring. However I then start to doubt what I know!

Sorry I don’t have a photo to send you…

Thanks.” Clementia, UK

Dear Clementia,

This lady is straight all over.

When you start to wobble and doubt what you really know, you will get distracted by all sorts of conflicting evidence.

That’s why it’s such a good idea to check these things out with me, especially before you give your final diagnosis to your client.

Here are a couple of things that may distract you when looking at body shape:

  • Weight should never be an issue for you, the image consultant
  • If her wobbles are an issue for the client, they need to do something about it for themselves, or they need to listen to your advice on how to dress for their colouring, shape and personality, over and above their weight issues
  • We look at the shape of the skeleton from the front on so your client’s bust size should not distract you

What to focus on

The question to focus on is,

“What shape is her skeleton / silhouette?”

Amanda Redman (‘New Tricks’) (right) and Sharron Davies (British Olympic swimmer) are great examples of this shape.

They have wide shoulders, larger than average bust, no defined waist, no bottom to speak of, and great slim legs.

And they always dress to complement their shape.

If these ladies were carrying weight around their middles (like when they were pregnant), it wouldn’t change much of what they wear.

They both favour A-shaped tops and dresses with long slim trousers or leggings and boots.   Trapeze (A-shape) jackets ending at the hip are brilliant too.

And funnily enough, A-shape tops, dresses and jackets will always hide a wobbly tummy!


Coming soon… When you start to wobble yourself!