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A Christmas Gift for your Clients

Monday, December 3rd, 2012 by Kim Bolsover

If you’re looking for something special that will make your best clients remember you, why not present them with a printed copy of ‘Royal Wedding 2011 – Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’?

All you have to do is download this 35-page eBook, add your own logo and contact details, and either print it out yourself or take it to your local print shop to create a memento that your clients will treasure for ever.

Duchess of CambridgeRoyal Wedding 2011
Duke and Duchess of Cambridge
Anniversary Edition

When you order ‘Royal Wedding 2011 – Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’ who celebrated their first wedding anniversary this year, you can reprint this wonderful 35-page memento and present it to your VIP clients as a Christmas gift.

35 pages of intricate details and full colour photos of the Duchess’ wedding dress, veil, tiara, ring, jewellery, shoes, hair, nails, make-up and the flowers.

Plus lots of fascinating information and photos of what the bridegroom, best man, maid of honour, bridesmaids and pages all wore.


Kate Winslet50 Beauty Secrets of the
World’s Most Beautiful Women

I’ve also made my latest 38-page eBook available for you to download too.

  • Learn how a young British actress blends lipstick colours
    to create an instantly healthy glow all day long

  • Find out what one top Hollywood actress uses to clean her teeth – it’s not toothpaste.

The book also includes two special bonuses from me:

Colour Analysis Secrets 1. How to Find the Right Foundation for Your Skin Colour and 2. Top 10 Make-Up Tips


Reprint licence included

  • Both of these eBooks are ready to print

  • The pdfs will also allow you to copy and paste to create your own version of each eBook. Don’t forget to add your own business logo and contact details.

  • You could use these eBooks as a talking point in your consultations and workshops

  • You could also give a copy to your clients as a free gift or bonus this Christmas. They will love this and the investment you make in them will pay for itself over and over again as your clients refer you to their friends and book for more services with you.

Full details of both books.


Shopping for clothes has finished me off

Saturday, October 27th, 2012 by Kim Bolsover

I’ve been on one of my rare shopping-for-a-friend trips today, and I’m totally exhausted.

Image consultants and personal stylists who offer shopping trips on a regular basis are either angels or want their heads examining! How on earth can you possibly keep track of all the myriad of STUFF out there!  Especially as so much of the STUFF in the High Street is such utter rubbish…

In my humble but extremely accurate opinion, some fabric designers should be taken out and flogged severely as they clearly demonstrate no understanding whatsoever of complementary colours – how certain colours do NOT go together and will NEVER, EVER go together.

Virtually all the garish colour mixes I saw today were heavily discounted; it’s no flippin’ wonder!

EasyJet's hugely unappealing colour combinationWho in their right mind would be caught dead wearing deep tangerine with an icy grey cool trim?

Yes, you’re right of course. I stand corrected.

  • EasyJet!
  • Cheap-looking colour combination for a cheap product…

I need an extra large gin and tonic now!