A particularly unpleasant way to treat clients

September 20th, 2014 by Kim Bolsover

Asking a woman to strip off to her underwear or to don a leotard or to subject herself to being measured is a particularly unpleasant way to treat anyone.

And I should know!

Because the day it happened to me, I was so embarrassed that I swore right there and then that I would never do that to any of my clients.

So, for my Ladies’ Style Training course, I came up with a number of different ways to diagnose both body shape and scale without touching anyone.

You wouldn’t do that to a man!

Oh yes, I can just see you pinning a man to a wall and attempting to measure him to within an inch of his life…

A man would tell you exactly where to go if you tried that one!

So why would anyone think it’s ok to do that to a woman?



What are universal colours?

September 19th, 2014 by Kim Bolsover

They are colours that everyone can wear, regardless of which tonal direction or season they are.

Beware – not everyone looks brilliant in them.

The point of an universal colour is that no-one looks absolutely hideous in them.

So they’re a great choice for an office uniform, or for bridesmaids’ outfits where you’ve got several seasons or tones to cater for.


These are the universal colour drapes that I personally use and recommend

The numbers shown are the numbers of the drapes you can order from our online catalogue of colour supplies.

Universal colour Suggested drape Alternative drape
White 110 Soft White  
Ivory 113 Ivory 114 Oyster
Stone 132 Taupe
(a cool, light taupe)
Pewter I use the back of either
303 Antique Silver
or 304 Antique Gold
Taupe 153 Cool Taupe
(rather like a darkish moleskin)
124 Dark Taupe
Emerald Turquoise 52 Emerald Turquoise  
Teal 63 Teal Blue  
Muted Purple 39 Warm Purple 38 Muted Violet
(lighter than Warm Purple)
  • 110, 114, 39, 52, 63 and 124 are already in the 60 Seasonal Starter drape set
  • 110, 113, 114, 38, 39, 132, 52, 153 are already in the 90 Tonal Starter drape set