Are you asking the wrong question?

October 23rd, 2014 by Kim Bolsover

Every week, without fail, I get image consultants asking me this question,

  • “Kim, How much should I charge?”

And every week, without fail, I want to scream right back,

“You’re asking the wrong question!”


You’re starting at completely the wrong end of the issue.

There isn’t a central body that legislates on how much a colour or style consultation should cost.

And the absolute last thing on God’s earth you should do is look around at what everyone else is charging…

… unless, of course, you think you are selling nothing more than a colour consultation or a wardrobe weedout, etc.

If you do think that, you’re definitely in the wrong place, working with me… because I don’t believe that load of tripe for one minute!

If you do think that, then feel free to go right ahead and ‘compete’ against all the others out there who also don’t ‘get’ the value of what can do for your clients

If you do think like that, then carry on regardless and set your charges lower or the same as everyone else…

But beware, because all you’ll become is just another small fish in a large pond with very few clients and very little income because potential customers will have no idea who to go to, because you all look exactly the same – quite a naff business plan when you think about it!

You have to make yourself stand out from the crowd

When you come to understand exactly what you’re selling, who you’re selling it to, and the value of what have to offer them…

… only THEN you can start calculating how much to charge.


If you really want someone to tell you what to charge, then sign up with a franchise. They’ll have a checklist for just about everything in ‘your’ business, including your fees, and may even tell you what colour to paint your studio walls!


But if you want to run an independent consultancy where you make all your own business decisions, then you need to put on your ‘business owner’ hat and roll up your sleeves because there’s some serious work to be done before you can decide how much to charge.

If you’re serious about making your image business a success then start behaving like a serious business owner, and the first step is…

You need a plan

You absolutely must know:

  • what you’re offering
  • who you’re offering it to
  • how to find and get more clients
  • what to say to them
  • how, when and where you’re going to deliver what you have to offer
  • what to charge
  • how to keep them coming back for more

You don’t have to do this on your own

I’ve got it all sorted and ready for you to learn the answers to all these questions (and loads more) with my brand-new Get More Clients Bootcamp.

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The delectability of being your own boss

October 21st, 2014 by Kim Bolsover

The sheer delectability of running your own business and creating your own products and services is that you can change your mind when you want to…

So, after faffing about like a tart (as my dear darling mother would say), I’ve changed the name of our brand-new bootcamp for image consultants to the Get More Clients Bootcamp.

introducing the all-new business bootcamp for image consultants



Because this is the #1 question that I get asked all the time

Ermentrude emailed only last week,

“I finished my Colour Analysis training with you about two years ago. I loved it so much. I knew I’d found my calling but then as you know life hit hard and I had to focus on my family. I’m ready now but I have no clue to start finding customers. I used up all my friends the last time. What do I say to them? I know I can help women find their inner strength and beauty. You gave me some great tips on the phone but can’t find them. How typical is that? I feel such a fool to ask you again.”

So, yesterday morning, I spoke with Ermentrude on the phone and said,

“You daft thing! Only a fool would NOT ask for help. Good on you for having the guts and determination to start again. You have so much to give so many lovely ladies. Now let’s work the process again and get you out there, finding clients, and giving them the best service of their lives!”

Then I realised that I’d had similar conversations with both Brunhilde and Morticia earlier last week.

In fact, while I’ve been decluttering my inbox this week, I noticed just how many consultants ask what they should be doing to get more clients.

That’s when the thunderbolt struck

And I told myself in no uncertain terms,

“It’s ruddy obvious, Kim, you silly plonker!

What image consultants really want is more clients because that’s what brings the other results they’re looking for – more confidence, more money, and a better lifestyle for them and their family.

New name, new focus

So, I’ve changed the title of my new online bootcamp training course which starts in just a few weeks’ time – it’s now called Get More Clients Bootcamp.

This all-new bootcamp includes:

  • Lifetime access, so that you take the course again whenever you want to AND you’ll get all the updates I’ve already got planned
  • 6 weekly masterclasses covering how to promote yourself to find clients, what to say to them, what to do with them once you’ve got them, how to keep them coming back for more, what to charge, and so much more
  • 6 live Q&A sessions
  • A plethora of resources including checklists, examples, and exercises
  • all designed to help you Get More Clients and build the business of your dreams

Join today to get 3 fab bonuses:

Until this Friday (24 October), you will:

  1. Save GBP 200
  2. Be invited immediately to join the ‘In The Pink’ private FaceBook group for 24/7 support and networking
  3. Receive one 30-minute private 1-1 coaching call (phone or Skype) with me – only for the next 3 who join


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The price goes up by GBP 50 on Saturday so don’t miss this great opportunity to learn how to Get More Clients, in a bootcamp specifically designed for image consultants and personal stylists.


By the way, Ermentrude

How on earth can you “have used up all your friends the last time?”

That one had me falling about laughing!

And what a load of nonsense that is too.

Get More Clients Bootcamp will show you how to have previous guinea pigs, friends and clients queuing for more!