Is it time to face real questions about your business?

January 30th, 2015 by Kim Bolsover

Read this article first: Why you should stop creating unpaid work for yourself which includes my 7 top tips to focus on instead to get all the clients you want.  And here’s the extra tip I promised

Bonus Tip #8 – Create a practical business plan

Everyone I talk to seems to think they need a website, business cards, a logo, a social media presence… blah, blah, blah. However, as I said before, I managed very well, thank you, without any of those things for 14 years.

How on earth do you know what you need until you know exactly what you’re offering and who you are going to offer it to?

And how can you work any of that out until you know who the heck you are, and what you really, really want to offer?

So before you take another step…

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get more clients bootcamp

This is a brand-new 7-week online program with audio masterclasses, workbooks and exercises which starts with you discovering:

  • who you really are
  • what you really want to sell
  • and who you really want to sell to

Until you understand these three concepts inside out and upside down, the rest of the business plan – finding prospects, converting them into paying customers, delivering your service, deciding what to charge and creating packages – becomes pointless.

How can you possibly price a product or service unless you know what it is, who you’re selling it to, and what the value is to the customer?

Is it time to face real questions about your business?

As one member of the Get More Clients Bootcamp wrote, “Your workbooks are great because they are making me face questions about my business I have probably tried to ignore in the past – but am now in the place to face them head on.”

Of course it is!

You need to know how to create a practical, workable plan to help you build a successful business based around you and the lifestyle you really want, to get all the clients and financial rewards you know you deserve. Plus the Get More Clients Bootcamp will show you:

  1. where to find your first paying clients
  2. how to let potential clients know that you’re available for business
  3. exactly what to say to them
  4. what to charge
  5. how to keep your clients once you’ve got them

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The Get More Clients Bootcamp gives you:

  • 7 audio masterclasses
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  • 7 workbooks
    containing all those deep, meaningful questions and exercises that you really need to do if you truly want success
  • 7 Q&A session recordings
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    “I feel like I’ll have to revisit all these modules again and again.”
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Why you should stop creating unpaid work for yourself

January 30th, 2015 by Kim Bolsover

“Hi Kim, I have been working at personal colour consultations, grabbing anyone willing to be a guinea pig and let me practice on them.  In January I had my first paying client.  That was an exciting moment! 

As much as I would love to be doing this at a faster pace, I’m working a full-time job, and the time is just not there.  I am, however, just about ready to start a website, hand out business cards and start advertising.

I still have to get my pricing and different packages figured out. I will also have an hourly rate, but I don’t want someone just booking an hour as I don’t feel that I can do much in an hour except meet them and introduce myself.

I was going to send in a small drapes order instead of getting the 60 drape set, but I think I might as well order them all in the starter kit as I have done a few peoples’ colours where I feel I need to try some other colours and I just don’t have them at the moment.

Well, that is what I’ve been up to and I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts on all of this!

Thank you, Ermentrude”

Dear Ermentrude,

It’s so good to hear that you’re practising colour consultations madly but I would encourage you to…

Stop creating unpaid work for yourself

Building a website, deciding on logos and text for business cards, deciding how many packages to create, what to include, what to leave out, and what to charge – I didn’t have any of those things for the first 14 years of my business and I did exceptionally well without them.

  • I didn’t have internet access at home until about 1995
  • I have never, ever paid for advertising for personal 1-1 clients in 35 years
  • And I had never even heard of packages until 2008!

7 top tips to focus on instead to get all the clients you want

1. Focus on getting lots of paying clients booked in

Why do you need a website right now?

  • If you’re looking for your first face-to-face clients then you will most probably find them within a 25-mile radius of where you live
  • Get out into the local community and meet them face to face
  • People are more likely to book with you when they have personally met you than from a website
  • Please don’t follow my business model. I invest a lot of time, money and energy into my online presence because I am offering products and programs to a global audience. My target market and the products and services that I provide are completely different from yours

2. Take control of what you will do and what you won’t

If you don’t want to book someone for an hour, then don’t allow it to happen.

  • Decide what you are offering, how long each service takes and the fee, and promote exactly that
  • This is your business and you make the rules
  • Your prospects will want and expect you to outline all the details of the service you offer anyway

3. Get the props

Only get the drapes, mirror, cover-up cape and swatch wallets you need to help you deliver the service/consultation

4. Create the handouts

Only create the handouts and feedback form you need to give to clients, which will bring you repeat business and some referrals too

5. Deliver the service

6. Rinse and repeat

7. When you have made some money

When you have made some money then you can start investing in building a website and creating your packages

  • Creating the content of your packages will happen easily and intuitively as you work more and more with real-life clients
  • Do your research and spend time asking them what they want, not what you think they need

Then your website, advertising and business cards will reflect what you actually offer and you won’t have to re-write them all later – like I did!

Learn from my mistakes

I did it all backwards way up and upside down, until I finally hired a mentor to show me where I was going wrong. If you learn from my mistakes, you won’t have to do it the hard way – unless you insist on being completely daft, of course!


And then read my bonus tip #8