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Content of Personal Style Skills and Business Development course

August 18th, 2014 by Kim Bolsover

“Kim, What ‘style skills’ will you be covering in the Personal Style Skills and Business Development course in September?

I’ve already done some style training with another company (sorry but I didn’t know about you then!) but I would definitely love to know how you do it. I mean how you diagnose someone so quickly.

I was at a presentation you did two years ago and I couldn’t believe how quickly you analysed mine and everyone’s colours, shapes, etc. But I’m really interested in the business training. I’m wondering what percentage is style and what is business? ” Blanchburga


Dear Blanchburga,

First, I’d better explain that the 2-day course in September is only part of a 12-week program that is deliberately designed to help you create a successful and profitable style business of your own.

Style Skills

On the two-day course, I’ll be sharing exactly how I diagnose body shape, scale and style personality so quickly.

Then you will practise those skills immediately on everyone else in the room. And you will realise that you don’t have to measure your client to within an inch of her life to do it!

Business Development

On the two-day course, we’ll all work together as a mastermind.

We’ll take a close look at you, your innate talents, your learned skills, and your aspirations and create a bespoke business plan for each consultant on the course.

You and I will continue to work together on this privately after the live event, and during the 12-week program you’ll be learning specific business skills that will help you turn your plan into a living, breathing, successful business that meets your specific goals.

I’ll be explaining how all this works in the online training webinar tomorrow (Tuesday) and it’s called

How to Create and Develop A Successful Style Business

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Intrigued by style

August 16th, 2014 by Kim Bolsover

“Hi Kim, Just been reading all about the personal style course coming up in September. I’m interested for two reasons:

1) Once again, I need your help and guidance on developing my stagnant business, and 2) I am intrigued by what you refer to as ‘style personality‘, so thought I’d drop you a line…

Are clients’ personalities assessed based on personality questionnaires that you tend to come across in your psychology-related fields? If so, and you come across someone who wishes to portray something a little, or even wildly, different to their ‘inner self’, would this come across in the answers they give?

Or, is it nothing to do with questionnaires?” Petunia


Dear Petunia,

Style personalities are not the same as colour personalities

The colour personalities – Spring-linked (Yellow), Summer-linked (Blue), etc. – are based on psychological profiling techniques taken directly from Carl Jung, Myers-Briggs, Keirsey, and others.

Hopefully this definition might help:

  • the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) assessment is a psychometric questionnaire designed to measure psychological preferences in how people perceive the world and make decisions.  If you’re really interested, then I strongly recomment you read ‘Gifts Differing’ by Isabel Briggs Myers.  (This book saved my life!)

Style personality is nothing like that

Style personality is totally from the world of image and colour.

There are loads of different approaches around and I have used virtually all of them over the years but have narrowed it down to 6 Style personalities for the current era  – Natural, Classic, Romantic, Dramatic, Creative and European.

These 6 types can be used to help a lady express more of her own personality through her clothes, accessories, hairstyle, jewellery, make-up, and/or to help a lady express something she’s not when required; this is particularly useful when:

  • showing people how to dress for interviews so that they get the job before they even open their mouth (and I can prove that myself from personal experience!)
  • showing a Dramatic (like Cher) how to dress down (virtually impossible for a full-blown Dramatic) to watch a school football match, perhaps
  • showing a Natural (like Meg Ryan) how to dress for a dinner party

On my Personal Style course, I demonstrate several different ways of deciding a lady’s Style personality so that you, as the consultant, can choose which one(s) you want to use in your own business and, yes, a quiz is just one way of doing that.

It’s absolutely fascinating stuff and can be used as fun or seriously educational to help our clients get what they want because, after all, what you wear tells other people how to treat you.

I can’t wait to start helping you put your business plan together, Petunia, on the Personal Style Skills & Business Development course next month.

Complimentary online webinar

I’m running a free webinar with lots more information about this on Tuesday ‘How to Create and Develop a Successful Style Business’  You can register for this webinar at