Escaping hamsters and other horror stories

July 29th, 2015 by Kim Bolsover

‘Escaping hamsters’ is a notoriously debilitating problem


  • Thousands of women all over the world feel desperately unattractive because of it
  • Many won’t even leave the house because of it
  • Some have even taken to drink to try to forget it

They need your help now

You have to be able to help your clients overcome this appalling problem together with any or all of these…

… other horror stories!

Over the last three hundred years or so, I’ve had to help clients with not only ‘escaping hamsters’ but a plethora of other hideous figure and shape issues.

Here are just a few real-life quotes from some of my own clients (I kid you not!)

  1. “I’m not wearing that. I must cover up my bingo wings.”
  2. “Where does my chin end and my neck start? I have no chuffin’ idea!”
  3. “I’ve got jobby legs.”
  4. “You should worry! I’ve got my Dad’s sparrow legs!”
  5. “I can’t remember the last time I could see my toes, never mind touch ’em!”
  6. “My sister got the bustline. I got two poached eggs instead.”
  7. “Oh, me too. Mine are like two flapjacks that got run over by a bus.”

All these are real quotes from real clients

Number 6 is me!

And number 7 was the quick-witted riposte from a client. We never managed to finish that style workshop properly – the 7 of us were laughing far too hard!

From ghastly to glorious

You, the professional image consultant or stylist, can be totally objective and offer personalised advice to any lady, anywhere, suffering from such ghastly problems.

You can help her look and feel absolutely fabulous and, for your expert advice, you’re going to be paid really well and you’re going to feel truly satisfied that you’re doing something so incredibly worthwhile too.

Personal Style is your passport to a bigger business and an ever-increasing income

Loads of up-to-date learning for you:

  • My personal step-by-step guide to running a one-to-one ladies’ style consultation
  • How to make more money from style workshops
  • 3 amazing marketing ideas – if I was starting out now, this is exactly what I would do to kick-start my business and be earning immediately
  • How to consistently find new clients
  • How to pay off your training fees with just 4 clients


By the end of this Personal Style self-study program, your brain will hurt because you’ll also learn:

  • The one thing you must never do to your client – this is why most image consultants never see that particular client again
  • 3 unique ways to analyse your client’s body shape – all without having to touch her!
  • 5 different ways to analyse your client’s style personality

But you will also know exactly how to deal with ‘escaping hamsters’ and all those other horror stories!


And if all this inspires you

to consider offering personal shopping services and wardrobe weed-outs too, you’ll also be able to get my super-duper Wardrobe & Personal Shopping Training in a Box at the checkout for a mere GBP 47 (just covers our shipping costs) – when you order Personal Style Training in a Box.

You’ll earn even more money, doing what you love, helping ladies to look and feel absolutely fabulous.

Please don’t forget the hamsters…



Putting the fun back into colour analysis – Free training webinar

July 21st, 2015 by Kim Bolsover

Don’t miss this free training on Thursday 23 July

I’m always being asked how I keep the fun in my business.

Obviously, I talk about mindset and attitude lots in my training and newsletters, but how could you apply these concepts in your own business?

So I’ve decided to do a free training webinar all about how to make your business fun!

I’ll show you the power of having fun and its magical potential for building your business.

You’ll come away with some easy-to-implement ideas to inject some fun into what you currently do, rediscover the passion you once had, and get your colour business growing quickly again.

Here’s what we’re going to cover

  • How to find and put the fun back into colour
  • My personal tips on how to enjoy what you do with colour
  • How fun has the potential to make a huge difference in building your business

To attend live and/or get the recording

Register now for this free call.

As always, I’ve got some tips for you that you can action straight away – so can’t wait to see you there!

P.S  Even if you can’t make it live on Thursday 23 July – register for the recording here